Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Things To Avoid Before Facial

Getting a relaxing facial is on everybody’s list, but what if the facial backfires on you with a reaction? According to facial experts, such kind of reaction happens only because the customer must have engaged in some activities before the spa appointment. Here are some of these activities which need to be avoided before a facial. To get a good facial you can book beauty services at home.

No Waxing of Face: - Waxing can strip away the topmost layer of the skin. When you wax your face your skin becomes prone to the sensitivity in the environment. It can also clog your pores if you get a massage after it. So it is recommended to avoid waxing.


No Eyelash Extension: -   Eyelashes are a good way to get gorgeous eyelashes but you should avoid doing it before a facial. The glue used for sticking the lashes shouldn’t be rubbed or have lotion on it for at least 48 hours. So if you get a facial after eye lash extension your money spent on eyelash extension will be a total waste.


Avoid Sun: - You should avoid going out in the sun the day before you are going for facial. The sun rays can tense the skin and our skin needs to relax before going for facial. If you go for facial right after sun exposure it can backfire the anti-acne and anti-wrinkle ingredients used in the facial treatment.

avoid sun

No Exfoliation: -Exfoliation products contains ingredient like retinol and glycolic acid which can exfoliate the upper most layer of the skin. When a facial product comes in contact with the exfoliated skin it can react and leads to boil and acne.


Monday, February 20, 2017

Skin Care Tips For Sensitive Skin

People with sensitive skin are most concerned about their skin, as either product is too harsh for their skin or it doesn’t suit their skin type. So here we bring some skin care tips for ladies with sensitive skin. You can also book parlor services at home to various skin treatments for sensitive skin.

Cleansing: - For sensitive skin, the best way to clean the face is to use a gentle not- alcoholic cleanser. It would be better if you choose a natural cleanser rather than cosmetic as it will not irritate your sensitive skin. You can also try the natural skin cleansing method. For that, you have to take olive oil and castor oil in 3:1 ration.rub this oil in your palm and then apply it over the face. Then take a washcloth dipped in hot water and place it over your face. Leave the washcloth on your face until the washcloth are cooled. Rinse off your face and repeat the process until your face feels clean and soft.

Moisturizing: - Women with sensitive skin should use alcohol-free moisturizer. The best option is to use aloe Vera. It is not only natural but hydrating and moisturizing too. It hydrates the skin from the inside and protects the skin from outside environment. Its healing properties are so good that it can treat most of the skin conditions like eczema, suntan, cuts and insect bites.

Exfoliation: - Chemical Exfoliants can be pretty harsh for sensitive skin. Therefore it is best to stick to natural exfoliation method. You can mix equal parts of honey, sugar, and lemon and apply this mixture all over your face. Rinse off with warm water. In case you like going for chemical exfoliates avoid scrubs with harsh exfoliating beads.

Mask: - Applying a face mask once in a week is quite important as it helps in relaxing, unclogging pores and cleansing skin from the deep. You can try gentle ingredients like yogurt and oatmeal. Mix these two in equal quantity and apply it on a face, take it off using a steamed cotton cloth.

Friday, February 17, 2017

Best Colors to Wear Now

Colors have a huge impact on our moods and styling. If you pair the right kind of colors together it can change your whole fashion statement. So here are some colors that you should wear this upcoming spring. Don't forget to book tailor services at home to create the upcoming spring wardrobe.

White: - Pure white colors are going to be huge this summer. White is a perfect color for summer as it so light and pleasant for eyes in the heat. Many of the designers like dolce& Gabbana and Dior showcased white dominant fashion collection.

white dress

Prime Rose Yellow: - The primrose yellow color will remind you of sunlight. flowers and nature. Many of the designers used this color in their collection. The warmth, joyfulness of yellow makes it the best color to be worn during summers. This uplifting color was mostly seen in the form of flower prints on white and black clothes.

yellow saree

Lapse Blue: - Blue is the favorite color of most of the people. The lapse blue is a more energetic color. This color will give you more confident and strong look. Models were seen covered in the gorgeous colors from head to toe. If you are looking for some color which will lift your mood up from within then this is the color for you.

blue dress

Flame: - This red based orange shade which is a blend of orange and red is also one of the colors for spring. This shade brings out the fun and enthusiasm. Just like the spring weather, it is a very strong color. You can pair it up with neutrals shades or coordinated colors. On The runway, designers showcased these colors in evening gowns and cocktail dresses.

flame dress
Island Paradise Aqua Blue
: - This fresh color is just like the cold breeze in summers refreshing and calming. This was mostly seen in velvet and lace dresses. This gorgeous blue shade with green undertones should be paired with whites.

dress blue
: - Want to connect with nature? Then the green shade is for you. The yellow-green shade talks about the need to reinvent and explore. They illustrate flourishing foliage and aware us the need to get immersed in nature.


Monday, February 13, 2017

What To Wear On Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day is here again and most of the ladies might be wondering what to wear. So here are some of the outfit options for you to nail Valentine’s Day outfit. If you have already decided what to wear and have bought you dress you can book FemaleAdda tailor services at home to get your dress altered.

Lace Dress: - Lace dresses are perfect for valentine’s days as they are the perfect blend of sophistication and elegance. They make you look more feminine and chic. Make sure to not overdo it keep it simple with minimum accessories. Choose colors like off white instead of blue and team it up with a pearl set.

Red Dress: - Red is the colors of Valentine’s Day, so why not wear a red dress. Choose red and you can never go wrong with it. Also, studies suggest that red color can help you boost confidence. You can accessories your red dress with black pump sandals. Always choose a knee length or shorter dress. Calf-length dresses can overpower most body figures.

Black Dress: - Black is the obvious choice for most of us. As it looks sexy and also makes us look slimmer. You can also accessories a lot with a black dress for e.g. choosing colored accessories with colors like white and silver.

Sequined Dress: - The sequined dress is the perfect choice if you are going for a dinner date at night. Sequined Dress looks great but the only thing you need to take care of is what you are pairing it with. Make sure that your dress doesn’t have an overly trendy silhouette. Also, sticks to one color. You can choose from the classic colors of sequined dresses such as golden, silver and black.

Polka Dots: - Polk dots are the classic retro fashion. The best way to wear polka dots is to get a full polka dress up to knee length. Make sure to use solid colors accessories so that they don’t clash with the polka dots prints.

Friday, February 10, 2017

Unique Massages From Around the World

The most common types ofmassages are Swedish massage, aromatherapy massage, and shiatsu massage but do you know there are varieties of massage therapies which are practiced around the world. Read on to find out some of these unique massages.
Rungu Massage: - Rungu massage hails from Africa. In this 
massage rungu, a kind of wooden stick is used. This wooden stick holds a special symbol and connotation in east African tribal culture. It is a different kind of massage but steadily gaining popularity. In this massage, the rungu stick is prod into the muscle with force for an intense experience. This helps in improving nerve perception and lymphatic drainage.


LomiLomi Massage: - Lomilomi massage is a part of traditional Hawaiian medicine. In this massage, the massage therapist
places hands gently on the body of the customer and remains still for a few minutes. The customer should breathe heavily and relaxes. In this massage Some of the genuine practitioners provide prayers, herbs and diet advice too. The benefits of this massage are very similar to other massages like improvement in blood circulation, relaxation etc the only difference is the belief that massaging with “loving hands” helps to release more physical and mental tension.


Tok Sen 
Massage: -Tok sen massage is an ancient Thai massage. The literal meaning of tok means “to strike” or tap and senmean the meridian line in our body. When a mallet hit the wooden wedge the sound which is produced is “tok”. In this massage small mallet and wedge of wood made from tamarind tree are used to activate energy point in our body. When tapping is done, it produces rhythmic sounds along with vibration, this produces a relaxing state. This massage is used to improve body posture and promote body awareness.

tok sen

Hamaaam: - 
Hamaam comes from the turkey. The first hamaam was originated in Arabia and it became a central part of aroman culture. It is an entire process of body wraps, sauna with heated marble platform, body scrubbing, body wash and then a relaxing massage. The best type of hamaam can be found in Istanbul, turkey.

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Clothing Tips For Slim Woman

Most of the women strive to look slim but slim girls have their own struggle. Not every piece of clothes fit them or looks good on them. Most of the clothes are either too big for them or too loose. In that case, they can book tailor services at home to alter their clothes. Also, here are some clothing tips for woman slim woman:-

Dresses: - The slim woman can appear curvy by wearing dresses like peplum style dresses and tops. Also, boot cut jeans and trousers look great on the skinny figure as they create an illusion of additional shape to the body. You can also look for frill and ruffles details in clothes.


Fabrics: - Fabric that gives some structure to your body is great to look curvy. But make sure that the fabric doesn’t make you look bulky. Therefore choose fabric like wool, as they add curves to your body and avoid clingy fabric. Some of the other fabrics for slim woman are silk, satin, cotton, denim and various soft and flexible knits.


Tailored To Fit Clothes: - For slim girls, it is difficult to find clothes that fit them perfectly. Either the sleeve or the pant is long or too big for you. So they can buy readymade clothes and then get them tailored as per your fit.

Sleeves: - You should opt for volume sleeves and batwing sleeves as they will balance out your silhouette. The batwing sleeves are also helpful for additional shape. Also, tops with long sleeves and prints help in disguising upper thin arms.

Layering: - Layering is also one of the great techniques to create dimension. You can layer up to 3-4 layers of clothes at a time. Use a wide variety of details, prints, and colors. Make sure to not overdo as the ultimate goal is to add volume without looking baggy.

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Secrets of Women Who Always Smell Great

You can’t deny the fact that some of the ladies smell amazingly well. Here we bring some of the hacks to use perfume in the right way so that you too can smell great. Apart from perfume, you can also book beauty services at home to get a nice scented facial or hair treatment.

Hydrated Skin: - Water keep us hydrated and it benefits our overall health. It also keeps our skin moisturized which helps the perfume or scents to linger around for a longer time.

Hydrated Skin

Layering Scents: - Women use all sorts of fragranced products like shower gel, oils, nails paints, moisturizer. Therefore wear different types of fragranced products to create layers of fragrance. In this way, the good fragrance will linger through the day.

Layering Scents

Avoid Rubbing Scent: - Most of us tend to rub wrists together right after applying perfume but don’t do this. When you rub perfume, the top layer of perfume breaks and you are left with only middle and base notes.

Avoid Rubbing Scent

The Right Spot: - Heat activates perfume, therefore, apply it on the warmer areas of the body, i.e. all the pulse point. You can apply it behind knees, inside elbow, the base of the throat, inside wrist and behind the ear.

The Right Spot

When to Apply: - The best time to apply perfume is right after a shower, when your skin is still a little damp. In this way, your skin locks in the scent due to extra moisture.

When to Apply

Storing correctly: - We should store perfume in cool and dry areas. This will help perfume to last longer. Never store your perfume in heat, humidity, and light as they can break the important compounds of perfumes.

Storing correctly