Thursday, 12 January 2017

Fashion Ideas You Never Want To Miss

The New Year has just begun and you must have started stocking up your wardrobe with new clothes. Here we bring some of the fashion and clothing tips to make you stand out every time.

Belt It Up: -A good quality belt can stand out any dress. If you use a belt, make sure to tie it at the right place, so that your waist looks smaller. You can also make your belt stand out from the dress by choosing a belt of different fabric from your dress.

Tailored Clothes: - Have you ever wondered why boutique or tailored cloths are pricey? Well, the reason has they fit our body perfectly. Those few extra inches of clothes does matter therefore get your clothes tailored for at least special occasions. If you are not sure about what to get stitched you can just buy a readymade cloth and get it altered from the tailor to get tailored clothes book tailor services at home.

A variety of clothes: - Wearing same kind of clothes same day can be boring, therefore always stock up your wardrobe with a variety of clothes. You should not only have the fashion staples but the trendy clothes as well. The more variety of clothes you have the more you will be able to mix and match with your clothes.

Comfortable Outfit for Night Out: - When you are going for a night out with friends of for a night party, pick comfy clothes so that you don’t have to fix your outfit after every couple of seconds. First, select a comfortable pair of shoes and match them as per your dress. Always carry a sling bag to keep your hands free.

Scarves and more scarves: - Scarves of all type looks classy. You can wear them all around the year. In winters you need woolen scarves and in summers you can wear cotton ones. So stock up your wardrobe with scarves to quickly accessorize your outfits.

Tuesday, 10 January 2017

How to Color Your Hair At Home

Getting bored of your old hair colour is quite common when everybody is opting for hair colour. Also for some of you going to the salon for hair colouring and then post care of colored hairs can be pricey, but if that’s the case, here we bring some tips to color your hair at home. If you are planning to go more than three shades lighter or darker than your actual hair colour then you should seek professional advice and for that, you can beauty service at home.

1) Patch Test: - When you are coloring at home, make sure to do a patch test of the hair colour first. Take a small amount of dye and dab it on your skin. This test needs to be done prior to one or two days before applying it all over your hairs. This is done to check if the ingredients in the colour are causing any negative reaction or not.

2) Get more hair Dye Boxes: - It's always good to get at least two boxes of color So that you don’t run out of them in between the process of coloring your hairs. Even if you have short hairs you can save it for the next time.

3) Avoid Extreme Changes: - Makeover is good but extreme makeover can be tricky. When you are coloring your hairs at home make sure to do only two shades lighter or darker than your original hair colour. Also while choosing the right color focus on hair color swatches rather than hair models.

4) Wear Old clothes: - While coloring your hairs, wear old clothes so that even if you splatter hair colour you won’t be worried about stains on the clothes.

5) Highlight With Toothbrush: - For slight changes on some special occasion take a toothbrush or mascara wand and dip it into some color and apply it over your bangs or flick.

6) Start from the Top: - Our hair roots need most colour, therefore, it is logical to apply hair colors at the roots first and then comb through the rest of the hairs.

Friday, 6 January 2017

The Sexiest Formula for Dressing

Beauty is subjective, some find cute is beautiful and for some being sexy is a beauty. So if you struggling to look a little more appealing, here are some tips for you. Also, you can book Home tailor service at home to get stitched any of the following dresses to look sexy.

Laces Dress: - Lacy dresses are the very feminine. Laces are beautiful can make a woman look classy and graceful. Laces can be added to any cloth be it dresses, skirts and blouses. They also help to balance what to show and what to showcase.

Sheer Fabric: - Sheer fabric is very lightweight and is perfect for flaunting some skin while covering at the same time. It is that fabric which can make you look sexy without overdoing. Just make sure to never wear sheer bottoms also while choosing a sheer top or skirt, choose the most basic one because the sheer top is themselves very eye catching.

Wear Red: - Red is the most beautiful and strong color out there. It is the color of power and passion a simple red outfit can make you look more attractive and desirable than other colors. But make sure to add a bit of confidence and right attitude when you wear red. Also, don’t forget to add some red lipstick you look to get the best look.

Skinny Jeans: - Skinny jeans are the latest trend that celebrity loves to wear. They are figure hugging and accentuate your beautiful legs. If you are not sure about the thick denim fabric then you can try jeggings they are stretchable and doesn’t cause any form of irritation.

Flaunt your legs: - Add some short pants, short skirts, and short dresses to your wardrobe to add glamor to your overall look. Short clothes help you to flaunt your legs and hence easily make you look attractive in no time.

Rompers: - Rompers is one such piece of clothing which is simple but feminine. When you wear rompers it seems that the woman has not put in much of efforts but they still look beautiful. You don’t need to spend fortunes on buying clothes to look sexy a simple romper can also make you look attractive, cute and simpler at the same time.

Confidence: -Someone said that “the best accessories a woman can own is the confidence” No matter what you wear, Confidence is the key. If you are not confident and comfortable in what you wear you will never be able to pull off what you are wearing.

Smile: - Smile is the best makeup a woman can wear because it comes from within and it stands apart from any form of makeup. A recent survey states that woman who smile more often are more sexy and attractive compared to those who don’t.

Different types of Pedicures you can try

The dry air of winters can not only harm our facial skin but can also make our feet dry and cracked. Therefore we should treat our feet with a relaxing pedicure twice in a month to get happy feet. But before you go for pedicure here is a short guide on various kinds of pedicure available. If you don’t feel like stepping out of your house in cold weather to get pedicure you can book beauty service at home to get pedicure services at your door step.

Spa Pedicure: -Unlike normal pedicure, Spa pedicure treatment usually takes longer time and ingredients like a salt scrub, mud mask, and paraffin wax are used. The feet are first submerged in a bowl of paraffin wax. This is followed by mud mask application to removes calluses and treats sore feet. Aromatic scrub, essential oils, hot towel wraps and jelly candles are also used as per the preference of the customer.

Stone Pedicure: - Stone pedicure helps in relaxing feet sore muscles. In hot stone massage, the stone is rubbed on specific pressure points on the feet that help in tightening the muscle. The warmth of the hot stones also helps in releasing cramps in the muscle. Apart from hot stone, aromatic essential oils are also used which helps in hydrating the feet.

Fish Pedicure: - We all know that fishes have omega 3 fatty acids which help in giving a healthy and glowing skin but do you know that fishes are also helpful in relaxing your feet. In fish pedicure, your feet are immersed in a tank full of fish called ”garra rufa”. These fishes don’t have teeth and they easily remove the dead skin from the feet by nibbling on the feet.

Margarita Pedicure: - This pedicure is very similar to normal pedicure apart from the fact that Fresh lime is used in each and every step of the pedicure. The feet are first soaked in a mixture of fresh lime and water. This is followed by a lime salt scrub and then feet are hydrated with lime moisturizer.

Wine Pedicure: - Wine has exfoliating and rejuvenating properties that can do wonders to the skin. Wine helps in softening dry feet, cuticle, and calluses. In This Pedicure the feet are soaked in a mixture of water and wine. After this, the feet are exfoliated with grape seed oil and grape seed mask.

Thursday, 5 January 2017

Indian Women Saree | Types of Sari in India

Saree, the six yards of grace is the most popular women’s outfit in India. It must have been worn by millions of Indian women. It is a very versatile and graceful outfit which can be worn in different ways and on various occasions like daily wear, marriage or work wear. In India, various kinds of saris can be found in various regions. Some of these saris are listed below. Also, if you wish to get your blouse stitched of your favorite sari right at your home, you can book FemaleAdda at home tailor service.

Konrad Saree

Konrad Sari is also known as temple sari. It hails from Tamil Nadu. This saree was used to drape god and goddesses in the temple. The best thing about konrad sari is that it comes in wide border and the motifs used in the sari are wedding inspired designs. These saris usually come in earthly colors.



Kanjeevaram sari is also known as kanjeepuram saree. These saris are famous worldwide for their elegant and rich look. In this sari, the border is designed with a silver thread which is gold dipped. Most of the south Indian brides wear kanjivaram saris on their marriage or any other auspicious occasion.

Bandhani Saree

Bandhani saree hails from the land of Gujarat. These saris are made with light weight fabric on which patterns are created with tie and die method. These are sari can be found in all bright colors like pink, red and orange.

Kanth saree 

In kantha sari,  embroidery is done with running stitch. In this sari,  floral, animal and bird motif are created. Originally the rural women of west Bengal started creating this sari to keep them engaged.  

Tant Saree 

Tant is also known as the Bengal cotton saree.The literal meaning of tant is “made of loom”. All those women who love to wear cotton saree definitely own at least one tant sari because it is made of finest cotton. 

Kota Darai 

This sari comes from Kota a very know place in Rajasthan. These saree are very light weight so very convenient to wear in summers and are easily draped. These saree comes in cotton as well as in silk.  

Banarasi Brocade 

Banarasi saree is the most popular saree among north Indian woman. Its origin can be found in the mughal era. Every woman wishes to wear banarasi sari at least once in a lifetime. In this sari usually, motifs of flowers and leaves are drawn. 

Saturday, 31 December 2016

How facial helps your face?

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A facial is the most basic skin care treatment we can treat our skin with but many of us just use a weekly face mask and want to achieve flawless skin. The facial is the process which includes various steps to makes your skin glowing and flawless. Therefore don’t try DIY facials at home and book beauty service at home with FemaleAdda to get professional facial treatment right at your doorstep. Here we have listed some of the reasons how facial helps our face.

Exfoliation – In facial, the esthetician exfoliates the face to remove dead skin cells and clogged pores. Exfoliation helps in stimulating the cell restoration and breaks down the skin impurities. It also helps in getting rid of skin discoloration and removes post breakout marks. Exfoliation, when done properly, helps in getting a glowing skin.

Manual Extraction: - Our skin produces excess sebum which can cause clogged pores and blackheads. During a facial, Esthetician first applies an exfoliating scrub and then give a facial steam this helps in opening up pores which make it easy to manually extract blackheads and whiteheads with extractor. They also take necessary measures to minimize the redness caused by the manual extraction and the pop a pimple in right way to prevent scarring.

Mask: -In facial, mask is applied which helps in restoring the temperature of the skin after exfoliation. This helps in reducing redness and provides hydration it also helps in drawing out impurities from the top layer of the epidermis.

Confidence: - Confidence is beautiful and attractive. When you have flawless and bright skin, your confidence level shoots up. Regular facials will help you in getting a spotless, perfect complexion. So before heading for a job interview or family function treat yourself with a facial treatment.

Relaxing Massage: Facial is the process of applying various creams on the skin and giving a relaxing facial massage. The facial massage is not only relaxing but also helps in bringing out the best glow on your face. The massage helps in improving blood circulation that brings new nutrients in the skin cells. To get such relaxing facial massage book beautician home service.

Friday, 30 December 2016

Why Fashion Is Important

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Most of us think that fashion is wearing glamorous and trendy clothes, but fashion is about being unique in your own style of clothing. Other women say that fashion is a waste of time but believe it or not, but all of us judge and get judged by other people on the basis of our fashion sense. Following are some of the other listed reasons which make fashion so important. Also, if you are fashion follower, you can get stitched latest fashionable cloth with FemaleAdda at home tailor service.

Form of self-expression: - Fashion is a way of expressing our personality to others. Be it clothes, footwear or the accessories we wear it portrays how we perceive things, what we want to show to the outside world and what we think of ourselves.

Creativity: - Every morning when we stand in front of a mirror to decide what to wear, what shoes or scarf will look good with a particular dress or outfit, it improves our creativity and the sense of aesthetics. This all helps in making our brain sharper. With tailor service at home, you can take your creativity to the next level. You can get stitched any dress as per your preference that too at home.

Good Impression: -No matter how much we deny but it’s a fact that good clothes do create a lasting impression on the other person. If you wear something fashionable on an occasion, you will surely catch a lot of attention and compliments. Compared to others, who are not so fashionable and doesn’t care about styling.

Increase Confidence: - A confident personality will definitely help you to succeed in life and when you wear something fashionable, you will feel and look more confident. Your confidence level shoots up and you put your best foot forward to make that day even more memorable.

Feel Great: - Any particular fashion style which suits you and your body type makes you look their best and feel great. The best thing about fashion is everybody can have had their own unique style. When you look unique, you get noticed and you feel great.