Tuesday, 25 October 2016

How to Use Eyeliner | How to Apply Eyeliner Perfectly  -  #HowtoApplyEyeliner #WaystoApplyEyeliner  #HowtoUseEyeliner  #EyeMakeupTips  #EyeCare  #EyeCareTips  #Eyeliner  #Salon  #Parlour  #BeautyParlour  #BeautyCare


Eyeliner can be a game changer for your eye makeup. If you apply eyeliner correctly it will accentuate your eyes. So it is really necessary to learn how to apply the eyeliner perfectly. Although you can always book makeup services at the salon and parlor if you are not proficient at doing makeup, but knowing how to do such simple makeup things like applying eyeliner can always come handy in day to day life.

Choose the Liner: - There are three types of liners: - pencil liner, gel liner, and liquid liner. Always choose a liner as per your need. If you are the fan of doing cat-eye, and then choose gel eyeliner, if you like creating clean lines, swoop, and flick, then liquid eyeliner is your best pick and if you like Smokey eye makeup then choose pencil eyeliner.

Use a Primer: - It is important to use a primer before applying eye shadow as it helps in making the eyeliner stay for a longer period of time without smudging and it also creates a good base for the colors to blend in.

Prepare: - If you are using a pencil liner, make sure to sharp it before using, if you are using a liquid eyeliner shake the bottle of the liner well and in the case of the gel eyeliner coat both sides of the brush with gel.

Start from the middle: - Always start your eyeliner from the middle of the upper lash line and move towards the outer edge of the lash line. Bonus tip if you are worried about creating the uneven line you can outline the upper lash line first with a pencil liner and then apply a gel or liquid eyeliner over it.

Finish towards the inner: -After creating a line from the middle of the upper lash line towards the outer edge of the eye, apply the eyeliner to the inner corner of the eye. Now while doing this make sure to keep the thick line on the outer edges and thin on the inner edges.

Fill in the gaps: - To give your liner a finished look makes sure there is no gap between your lashes and liner. So make sure to swipe your liner at least once from the inner edges to your outer edge.

Friday, 21 October 2016

5 Habits of People with Healthy Hair    -    #KeepingHealthyHair #WomenwithPerfectHair #Habitsforlongerhair #Greathabitsforhair #EasyWaystoHaveHealthyHair #HealthyHairHabits #Thehabitsofhealthyhair #Beautycare #hairtreatment #salon #parlour #HairCare



Some women have healthy and gorgeous hairs while the other strives really hard to get healthy luscious hairs. It's not like women with healthy they are born with such hairs, but they really follow some good hair care habits. Although you can also book hair treatment services at salons and parlors to maintain healthy hairs, but incorporating certain hair care habits will help your hair in the long run.

Avoid Hot Tools: - Hot Tools like a blow dryer, curler, and flat iron are big culprits in causing hair damage. If you are one of those women’s who blow dry their hairs every other day, then limit the use of hot appliances up to once a week. Use the hot curling iron and straighteners only when required and use it on the lowest setting possible.

Natural Shampoos over Chemical: - Chemical Shampoo is loaded with chemicals like Sodium Laureate Sulfate and parabens. These chemicals can strip the natural oils from hairs and makes your hair dry, brittle and damaged. Therefore always opt for SLS and paraben free shampoo.

Proteins Based Diet: - Our Hairs are made up of proteins. Hair is a non-essential tissue therefore sending proteins to the hairs is not the first priority of our body. Instead, it focuses on essential organs. But if you’re taking a balanced diet, the body will easily distribute proteins to all the organs. Therefore, make sure to take a balanced and protein rich diet.

Deep Conditioning: - Deep Conditioning treatment imparts required moisture to the hairs. If you use a moisturizing conditioner rich in proteins and essential oils. You can provide moisture to the hairs which helps in combating hair dryness and hair breakage. Deep conditioning, hair treatment also provides hair elasticity and add shine and luster to the hairs.

Regular Trim: - A regular hair trim helps in removing split ends. Split ends are drying and splitting ends which restrict hair growth. Therefore, make sure to get a hair trim in every 8 weeks. This will ensure healthy hair growth.

Thursday, 20 October 2016

How to Get Rid Of Dandruff | Hair Treatment | Hair Care Tips

Dandruff is the most common hair problem. It is caused by an overgrowth of a yeast-like fungus called malaise. To get rid of dandruff you need to maintain the overall health of the hairs. So book online Hair Treatment services regularly for hair care. You can also try some home remedies to treat dandruff at home. Some of these are:-

Tea Tree Oil: - Tea tree oil is effective in removing dandruff as it has antifungal properties. Right from ancient day’s tea tree oil is used for treating wounds and infection. Therefore you can use tea tree oil shampoo instead of normal shampoo to get rid of dandruff.

Apple Cider Vinegar: - Doctors Swears by Apple Cider Vinegar for dandruff treatment. The acidity of apple cider vinegar helps in maintaining the right PH of your scalp. Hence makes it difficult for yeast to grow. You can mix a quarter of apple cider vinegar with a quarter cup of water in a bottle and apply it on your scalp. Now tie a towel around your hairs for 15 minutes and wash it afterward.

Coconut Oil: - Coconut oil is also a tried and tested Formula for removing dandruff. It is rich in vitamins, anti-microbial properties, and fatty acids. Which helps in the nourishing dry scalp and helps in removes sebum buildup.

Aloe Vera: - The antimicrobial properties of dandruff help fight fungi which cause the dandruff infection. Aloe Vera also has healing Properties which helps in the nourishing itchy scalp. You can either apply fresh aloe vera gel or mix aloe Vera with tea tree oil and apply it on dandruff.

Egg Yolks: - Egg yolk is rich in vitamin A, which helps the hairs to create natural moisture by promoting hair sebum production. When the sebum production is increased this lets vitamin A to control dandruff and prevents dryness of the scalp and improves the overall health of hairs.

Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Hair Tricks You Really Need To Know       #HairstylingHacks  #HairCare #HairTreatment  #Salon  #Parlour  #Hairtricks  #HairTips  #BestHairTipsandTricks


When it comes to hair care routine we all know that basics- hair wash followed by conditioning. But do you know that they are some other trick and tips as well, which can do wonders for your hairs? Although you can always book online hair treatment services to get instant hair transformation, but it's always good to know some hacks to keep your tresses healthy in the long run. Some of the hair tips that you really need to know are as follows:-

Trimming: - Your hair needs regular trimming to get rid of split ends. It will not only promote hair growth and but your hairs will look healthier like never before. So if you are planning to grow your hair really long then visit a hair stylist and take some advice on hair growth. The first thing that the hairstylists will do is that, they will trim the split ends. It is advisable to trim down just eighth of an inch off every 10 to 12 weeks.

Avoid Towel Wrap: - Majority of woman towel dry hair by wrapping a thick towel around the hairs. But do you know towel wrap can cause hair breakage? So you should gently pat the towel on your hairs to remove the excess oil and let them air dry.

Avoid Too Much Of Shampooing: -Shampooing your hair too much is worse than not shampooing at all. When you shampoo your hair more often than the natural oils produced by our scalp also get washed away. These natural oils are essential to keep hairs soft and healthy. You should only shampoo your hair once or twice a week to remove dirt and product buildup. Your hairs don’t need more than two Hair washes a week.

Change your pillowcase: - Most of us use cotton pillowcases, but do you know that cotton pillowcases can be rough on your hairs and they can also because more split ends? Therefore, instead of using a cotton pillowcase try using a satin pillowcase. Satin has a softer surface that won’t cause friction.

Cold Water Rinse: - Ending your hair wash routine with a cold water rinse is the best thing you can do with your hairs. Cold water lays down the outer layer of hair smoothly, which helps in protecting moisture loss from heat and hair products.

Monday, 17 October 2016

Fashion Trends in India for Women



Wedding Season is about to begin and you all must be searching for the right ethnic outfit to look trendy and fashionable. So here we bring some of the latest Indian wear fashion trends to change your fashion game. You can book online boutique services to get stitched your outfit or can get them ready made in boutiques.

Dhoti Sarees: - Saree that looks like a dhoti are called dhoti saree. You can either get a ready-made dhoti saree or drape your normal saree in dhoti style. So this wedding season adds a flavor of dhoti to look a little different from the crowd.

Gowns: -Are you bored of wearing Anarkali in every wedding function? Well, it's time you ditch your Anarkali and try ethnic gowns. The gown can make you look like a princess. These gowns are the fusion of contemporary and traditional designs. These gowns come in net fabric with embellishment or embroidery.

Capes: - A few years ago capes /jackets came in vogue and they are not going out of a trend this year as well. You can find capes/jacket in all lengths and materials. From Gujarati print short jackets to long flowing net capes. You can wear any type of layering. The layering game is strong this season so makes sure to try one.

Neon Ghagra: This season pastel with neon is in the trend. You can pair pastel color choli or blouse with neon Ghagra for any wedding function. You can choose any bright neon color like pink, mustard, and orange and don’t forget blue.

Long Choli: - Nowadays lehengas are not only paired with choli, but with crop tops or long choli as well. Long Choli is created with fabric like net, silk, satin, and velvet. You can the combination of long choli and Lehenga in any major wedding function like Sangeet or Mehndi.

Anarkali: - This evergreen piece of clothing is here to stay. Floor length Anarkali is in trend in Anarkali fashion. These Anarkali are voluminous with a lot of flares. So pick floor length Anarkali and get ready to look royal and glamorous.

Friday, 14 October 2016

Makeup Mistakes to Avoid    -   #Makeupservices #Beautycare  #Beautyparlour  #salon  #womensbeauty #SecretsFromaMakeupArtist  #MakeupMistakestoAvoid  #AvoidTheseMakeupMistakes 

 Applying perfect makeup is an art which every woman wants to master. When you are an amateur at makeup you tend to do a lot of mistakes which can makes you look older and not so pretty. That is why it is advisable to book online makeup services to get your makeup done. Some of the most basic makeup mistakes that women do are:-
Wrong Shade Of Foundation: - Most of the women wear wrong shade foundation. They either wear a too dark foundation or too light foundation than their actual skin tone. So always choose two shades which are very similar to your actual skin tone and apply them on your jaw line, and then check in natural light. Choose the one which looks more natural.

Applying Makeup To Dry Skin: - You should never apply makeup to dry skin. You should exfoliate your skin before applying makeup. If you apply makeup to dry skin, then the flakiness in your skin will be visible. When your skin is dry, instead of blending, makeup sits on the dry areas.

Wrong Shade Of Blush: - Always choose a blush that enhances your natural blush tone. It is about balancing also. If you are going for a bright red lipstick choose a light shade of blush.

Not Using Clean Makeup Brushes: - This is the most common mistake while applying makeup. Before applying makeup always check if your makeup brushes are clean or not. Unclean makeup brushes and sponges are the home of bacteria and germs which can cause breakouts. You should wash your makeup brushes with gentle shampoo and brush cleaner before using them.

Not Throwing Away Expired Makeup Products: - Do you know that mascara gets expired after 3 months? Just like mascara, makeup product like foundation, lipstick, compact etc too has an expiry date. So make sure to de-clutter your makeup products after expiry. If you use expired cosmetic, they can cause skin infection and irritation.

Apply Matte Lipsticks on Dry Lips: - Do fee your lips get dry when you apply matte lipstick? Your lips need exfoliation and hydration before matte lipstick application. So before you applying matte lipstick make sure your lips are nourished.

Wednesday, 12 October 2016

How to Apply Shampoo and Hair Conditioner

Hair wash? What’s new about it? We have been doing it ever since we were a toddler. But are you washing your hair in the right way? Are you using the right technique for hair wash? You can book hair wash services at salon and parlor to get a hair wash treatment. But knowing the right way to wash your hairs can always come as a handy tip. So here we bring the right technique to wash your hairs.

Rinse: - We should wet our hairs before applying shampoo. We can use warm water for pre-shampoo rinse. It will open up the hair cuticle as when our hair cuticle is open we can easily remove dirt and oil from our hairs.

Lather: - After giving a pre-shampoo rinse to your hairs take out the required amount of shampoo from your shampoo bottle and lather up, but only at the scalp. You can apply the shampoo at the end of the hairs, but don’t need to lather. Reason being the hair near the scalp is oilier than hairs at the ends.

Don’t Rinse and Repeat: - Never wash your hair twice. Excessive hair wash can strip the natural oils from your hair. This can lead to hair dryness and frizz. But if you feel your hairs are really dirty and one wash is not enough. Then you can re-wash your hairs.

Conditioning: - Conditioning your hair right after the shampoo is quite beneficial. After washing off the shampoo, squeeze your hair to take put excess water. Then put some conditioner on the mid-length to the tips of the hairs. Now you should leave conditioner in your hairs for at least 5 minutes.

Final Rinse: -After leaving your hairs with conditioner on it. You should rinse it off after 5 minutes specifically with cold water. Cold water will close the cuticle and seal the outer layer.